Attendance & Behavior


KSMF places the safety of children at the top of our priorities. We have a large student population and we need to know where the younger students are at all times. Attendance is taken twice daily.

Students age 11 years old or younger are automatically registered in a recreation program. This program ensures that they are supervised during lunch, during breaks, and after classes end until 4:00 pm when our recreation staff leave. Parents/guardians who choose NOT to include their child in this supervised program must complete an opt-out form on the first day of the festival. Please inform recreation staff of any planned absence with a signed note.

Students age 16 and under are expected to attend classes as scheduled. A KSMF volunteer must call the student’s emergency numbers if the student is missing from class. Please save our busy volunteers this effort by identifying students who will not be attending classes, either in advance or by one of the contact phone numbers.


We expect participants to treat themselves and others with respect. Each student is entitled to learn without unnecessary distraction. For this reason disruptive conduct cannot be tolerated. Proper care of loaned instruments, equipment and facilities is also essential. Our volunteers do their best to be understanding, but because our timeline is short, it may not be possible to give “second chances” to those who engage in unacceptable behaviour. Uncooperative participants will be removed from the program and no refund will be given. Unacceptable behaviour may result in future registrations being declined.

KSMF cannot provide educational assistants or one-on-one supervision of students. In the event that a student does not have the attention span required for their program, KSMF, at their sole discretion, may remove the student from the program. Refunds, if any, will be given at KSMF’s sole discretion.

Very Important: No Nut Products

Because we have students attending KSMF who have serious nut allergies we are asking you not to bring nuts and nut products to the Festival. This include peanuts, sandwiches, cookies, etc.