Privacy Policy

This site contains links to other sites. KSMF is not responsible for the privacy practices nor the content of the other sites. This site lists the names of volunteers and donors. It also contains pictures of previous students and performers. If for any reason, you would prefer your name or picture not to be used, please contact info@ksmf.ca and it will be promptly removed.
Your consent is implied  when you provide KSMF with your personal information. Your personal information is used to send you details about upcoming concerts and to aid your participation in KSMF’s programs and activities; it is shared with volunteers and teachers only as needed.
We do not sell our email or mailing lists. Your information is securely destroyed when we no longer have need of it.
If you would like to review, correct, or have information destroyed that KSMF has about you, contact KSMF at info@ksmf.ca.
Mailing address:
Kincardine Summer Music Festival, Box 251, Kincardine, Ontario N2Z 2Y7

Hiring Policies/Practices

The Kincardine Summer Music Festival is committed to ensuring that hiring practices and the work environment are free of harassment and discrimination; for details, please refer to our Anti-Discrimination Policy and Anti-Harassment Policy as outlined

Anti-Discrimination Policy: Diversity and Inclusiveness at KSMF

The Kincardine Summer Music Festival stands in solidarity with Indigenous and Black members of our community — and with all people of colour and those in marginalized groups — in denouncing racism and discrimination of any kind.
As an arts organization committed to bringing people together through music, we acknowledge our role in recognizing, upholding and celebrating the human rights and dignity of our community members whose lives are affected and wrongly constrained by racism and discrimination.
KSMF is committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity, taking action to increase our understanding and awareness of what creates an inclusive and diverse arts organization within our mandate. We hold ourselves accountable to our              members, funders and our communities to learn, grow and find ways to do our work equitably.
Our mission is to identify potential barriers to full participation in KSMF (as a Board member, contractor, artist, patron, member, sponsor, volunteer or learner), reviewing all practices and policies in a sincere effort to create opportunities for hearing
voices that have not been heard and inviting open communication that promotes inclusion and respect
Anti-Harassment Policy

This policy applies to all management, contractors, board members, volunteers, visitors, program participants, students and hosts who are engaged with the Kincardine Summer Music Festival (KSMF), as well as to any member of the public or other visitor to KSMF venues or events presented and/or sponsored by KSMF.
KSMF’s policy is to provide a climate of understanding and respect and to ensure ethical and respectful practices that incorporate equitable treatment for all members of the KSMF community and members of the public or visitors who interact with KSMF.
KSMF will not tolerate, ignore or condone any form of discrimination, harassment or sexual violence and is committed to promoting appropriate standards of conduct at all times. All members of the KSMF community are responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of other members of this community as well as members of the public or other visitors with whom they interact.
This policy prohibits sexual violence, as well as discrimination and harassment based on any ground protected by the human rights laws in Ontario, including but not limited to: race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status and disability.
Discrimination, harassment and sexual violence are serious forms of misconduct which may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge from engagement and/or exclusion from events or programs.