Registration Policies

Emergency Consent

In the event of an emergency, KSMF will arrange suitable transportation and medical aid, unless limitations are described under Medical Issues on registration form.


Some programs are very popular and have limited space. KSMF may not be able to accept your registration. KSMF retains the right to refuse any registration, for whatever reason.

Discounts are given for early registration. Your payment is expected within 30 days for all registrations or the discount will be removed or the registration may be cancelled.

Registration Changes

Switching to a different program or different level where the tuition fee is the same is normally not a problem. Changes are usually made on the first day of a program, as teachers assess musical abilities and students assess the music and their own comfort level.

There is no pro-rating of fees and no administration charges.

Registration Cancellations

Registration cancellations prior to the start of a program are refunded less a $10 administration fee.

Registration cancellations after the program starts are pro-rated on unattended days less a $10 administration fee.

For example, having paid $200 for the band program, withdrawing after two of five days (non-fundable cost of $200 X 2/5 or $80 for 2 days attended) would result in a refund of $200 paid minus $80 attendance minus $10 fee or $110.
If preferred, your pro-rated registration fee can be converted to a tax-deductible charitable donation, without deducting the $10 administration fee.


As described in our behaviour policy, refunds will not be given for removal due to unacceptable behaviour.