Friday August 12
4:00pm, Victoria Park Kincardine
FREE concert

Skirt Check – Great tunes done well! funk, swing, rock, pop, ska, reggae, soul and metal
Members: Jeff Plumbley, Nelson Santos, Matt Weil, Chelsea McBride, Victoria Cox, Fab del Monaco, James Gannett, Tyler Goertzen, Chris Skrzek

Skirt Check is a powerful and fun 9 piece horn band from the Hamilton, area that defies classification.
With a broad array of musical styles and influences, there is no telling what genre will come next in a set.
This band regularly debuts new material every single gig to keep even regular fans on their toes!
A unique blend of originals, B-side covers, and one-hit wonders makes for a show you won't soon forget!

A part of the KSMF FREE 4 O’Clock in the Park concert series Sundays to Fridays July 31 - August 12

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