The Snyders, formed in the summer of 2011 in Montréal, is a family band that digs deeply from many styles of blues music.
The family unit is comprised of Indiana born blues-rocker Southside Denny Snyder - vocalist/lead guitarist (aka blues artist Southside Denny), his daughter Lorrie Snyder on Vocals/Bass (20 years old) and his son Phil Snyder on the drums (16 years of age).

In his own right Southside Denny earned the reputation of a legendary blues rocker with 9 album releases, and performing at notable blues clubs and festivals both in 20 states and 5 Canadian provinces.
Early on he developed a strong association with Luther Allison and Sugar Blue, and in the 90’s he became a regular performer at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago.
In 1999 he won the Ole Harv award for lifetime achievement in blues music in Michiana area, and in 2004 represented the state of Indiana at the IBC competition in Memphis.

On June 8th, 2014 The Snyders released their second album, Growing Pains and concentrated on growing the fan base by playing in new areas such as New York state, the Blissfest in northern Michigan and began working more in Ontario.
They are currently wrapping up the final stages of 2017’s Reaching Higher and looking to reach further across Canada and the US!