Teaching Faculty 2018

Photo – Festival Symphony Orchestra 2017

Thinking of signing up for the KSMF music classes August 13 – 17 2018?

There are three levels to register for.
If you are not sure which, don’t worry.  We are very flexible and will help you find the right level on the first day.

Wondering who will be there?
Last year half our registrants were adults, playing at all levels.
The other half were mostly age 12 – 16, with a smaller group 11 years and younger.

Beginning – no music experience necessary.  You don’t have to be able to read music.

Junior – you can read and play some music on your instrument. You have one or two years’ experience.

Senior – you have played for several or many years and are comfortable on your instrument.

Conductors and Coaches this year include:


Violin:  Heather Schnarr, Veronica Thomas, Norma Morrison

Viola:  Jasmine Schnarr

Cello:  Sonya Nanos

Bass, Guitar:  James Gannett

Celtic Fiddle: – Will Henry

Celtic Harp: – Mabel Williamson


Rob Tite, clarinet, sax

Claire Andrusiak, flute

Hilary McPherson, flute

Margaret Wolf, trumpet, horn

Nancy Ross, trombone

Joey Seymour, percussion

RECREATION PROGRAM DIRECTOR (for ages 11 and younger, automatically registered in this supervised program)

Hollie Stephan